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Air Asia Airliness flyduronto.com Asia’s Best Airline or a Waste of Money

31 Aug 2023
Air Asia Airliness flyduronto.com Asia’s Best Airline or a Waste of Money

Air Asia Airliness flyduronto.com Asia’s Best Airline or a Waste of Money



Few things are as exciting as jetting off on a new adventure, and the airline you fly with is an integral part of that experience. Having flown AirAsia on more than one occasion, it’s undoubtedly a carrier I’ll never forget. But how does it measure up against the competition

As a seasoned traveler, you probably know that while some destinations are affordable, others can be boujee. Still, no matter where you go, you can fly there and back with a low-cost carrier to save! 

After all, why spend your travel allowance on airfare when you could spend it on yummy food, experiences, and shopping? 

AirAsia is an ultra-low-cost carrier based in South-East Asia, a region renowned for affordable street food and bacAacker vibes. South-East Asia is famous for its welcoming hostels in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, and other top locales. 

The carrier also operates long-haul flights further afield, making it a contender for those looking to save while globe-trotting. Let’s dive into a few things you should know before you fly AirAsia!

What Is AirAsia?

Air Asia is an ultra-low-cost airline operating out of Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s klia2 terminal. Founded in 1994, it’s now the largest carrier in Malaysia, with planes also hitting the tarmac at almost every airport in neighboring countries. 

It’s almost impossible to travel in Asia by air without spotting a trademark red AirAsia plane or kiosk! The airline also expanded, adding Thai AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, Philippines AirAsia, and AirAsia Zest. 

This expansion has made it one of the most popular low-cost airlines in Bangkok, Manila, Bali, and more of these jurisdictions. Plus, the airline also directly services some equally popular international destinations in partnership with other major carriers.

AirAsia and AirAsia X are owned by the Tune Group, offering accommodation, leisure, and entertainment services. Tune Talk, Tune Hotels, and Tune Insurance are just some of its subsidiaries that cater to AirAsia customers’ needs. The Tune Group and AirAsia were founded by Malaysian entrepreneurs Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Meranun.

If you’re transiting through KLIA, consider taking a detour to enjoy all Kuala Lumpur has to offer! The city is about an hour from the airport, but well worth the visit. A mix of luxury, history, and culture, the city is to die for!


Where Does AirAsia Fly?

AirAsia has built an extensive network in the past decades. The carrier services almost every route to and from domestic and nearby ASEAN countries and cities, bustling or lesser-known. Plus, many popular destinations in the USA, Middle-East, and Oceania. 

A bonus is that you can expect to pay similar fares to fly between ASEAN countries as you would for some domestic fares within Malaysia.

Looking for another low-cost ASEAN carrier to get you there? Compare Nok Air and Thai Lion Air!

Further-afield destinations like China, Australia, India, and the Middle-East, also remain affordable compared to major international carrier fares.

Insider Tips On How to Book With AirAsia

When booking with a new carrier, you can easily miss out on savings because you’re unfamiliar with the system.

Let me share my top tips for booking with AirAsia if you’re newer to the budget travel scene!

Searching flights as little as possible: AirAsia is infamous for upping flight prices if you search routes too many times. Try to search just once or twice. You can also use a VPN or a new browser or device to double-check if you’re still seeing the lowest fare.

Book in advance: The best AirAsia flight prices are usually found 3 weeks or more for international flights and 1 week or more before domestic flights. AirAsia also promotes unbelievable seasonal deals and last-minute flight offers throughout the year.


Photo by AirAsia 

Try self-check-in: Not only can you self-check-in online or via the AirAsia app, but also at the AirAsia self-check-in counters to save time. Generally only available at KLIA and select ASEAN airports, the self-check-in counters are a real lifesaver over busy periods. 

Suppose you have bags to check-in. No problem! You can do so at the self-baggage drop facility or counters after.

Earn AirAsia points and BIG Points: Sign up for AirAsia’s membership card to earn points to spend on rewards. Points can come in handy for flight discounts, meals, online shopping, accommodation, and more.


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